Thursday, June 30, 2011

June 30, 2011 and yah!!!! I am caught UP!!!

June 30, 2011

Morning Devotion w Theresa

Romans 12:9-21

“Love must be sincere. Hate what is evil, cling to what is good. Be devoted to one another in brotherly love. Honor one another above yourselves. Never be lacking in zeal, but keep your spiritual fervor, serving the Lord. Be joyful in hope, patient in affliction, faithful in prayer. SHARE with God’s people who are in need. Practice hospitality.”

Honor one another

KEEP your spiritual fervor

Share with Gods people who are in need.

PK “Our strength is not measured by how we do on the mountains, its how we persevere in the valleys!”!!!!!!!


The Cross:

3 things Jesus accomplished on the cross. This is good stuff ppl…pay attention! ;)

1. He redeemed us-- he bought us back from the enemy

2. He reconciled us--brought us back into fellowship and favor of the father.

3. He RESTORED US--fully.


Bfast and devotion was such a sweet time this morning. Kellie is better today.

We arrived back at the church this morning, and there was a lady changing clothes outside… I wonder….where did she sleep?

2 days till we begin our journey home. I thought I would be happy and don’t get me wrong I can’t WAIT to squeeze my family. It just doesn’t feel …finished yet. He’s not finished using us here yet. It doesn’t feel complete.


At the Encounter

Almost time for the video. Man, I get this sick feeling in my tummy when I watch it. But I love how it moves your people.

Father, soften and stir your people. I pray they surrender completely to you. As Jesus said his “heart is ready”, Father prepare the hearts of your people. May they receive every ounce of goodness and FREEDOM you have for them. In Jesus name.


“The grace you brought upon my life will return to you in PRAISE.

Redeemer---redeem my heart again

Savior---come and shelter me from sin.

Your familiar with my weakness, devoted till the END.

Redeemer, Savior, Friend.


The Encounter was great. Praying these church leaders take what they have learned and they FREEDOM they have received and PASS it on down. In Jesus name!!

June 29, 2011 continued. Observations in Africa

June 29, 2011 part 2

Jehovah Shalom The Lord IS Peace

At the Encounter…feeling much better. Im sitting in the back, watching 2 ladies outside. One is dressed in a pretty pink skirt, and white top. She is busy busy picking up, her home… I guess. It is a structure about 8 feet tall, no walls, tin roof, 6 pieces of wood holsing it up. She has a little pink brush…with the mirror on the back. She has no hair. Shaved to her scalp…and yet she combs and combs and combs. Diligently. Then, she turns the brush over and examines herself in the small mirror. She sees something not right with her teeth… she bends over and scrubs her teeth on the hem of her skirt.

Near Ms pretty in pink are 3 small children playing. The smallest is strapped…with a scarf or something like it …to the back of the bike. The oldest child is riding the bike from one side. Foot thru to reach the other pedal…but only on one side of the bike. Then the little girl is pushing the bike from the back…for good measure. Around and around they go.

There is a large mound of dirt right outside the church building. Several other children are just playing on the pile of dirt. Perfectly content.

What appears to me to be a mom, just picked her daughter up and hugged her tightly. The daughter may be 2 or 3. I see tons and tons of mothers caring for their children here. Nursing them, giving out letters to try and get just one American to help with finances. They carry them everywhere they go. On their backs. I LOVE that. I’d like to have another baby JUST to be able to do that!! ;) But, I honestly haven’t seen very much interaction…. Like one on one…. Emotional, love giving, kissing, hugging, playing with, type of thing. This mom has warmed my heart. It is a different culture. No better, o worse. Just different.

I dare my children to tell be they are bored… I will gather all games systems, ipods, phones, computers, even basketballs, footballs…. And give them a mound of dirt and a bicycle. I think that is really a perfect plan. J

June 29, 2011

June 29, 2011

FIRST day of the 2nd Encounter and I am stuck in this hotel room sick!! I cannot believe this. I have been battling nausea for several days now. It’s so frustrating. I was in my room this morning…watching the team, minus Kellie & I (Kellie is also sick) outside my window. I could see them across the yard, they were under tents doing morning devotion. They began praying. I saw the girls huddled in a circle. I was praying here in this little bitty room, and my spirit was literally being drawn to them. I mean, I could not stand there any longer. I don’t remember putting my shoes on, or even walking to them… I just remember Theresa and Janice wrapping me up in the circle and the comfort I felt once smushed in the circle.

Honestly, I do not understand why God would burden my heart so deeply for these people and bring me all the way here and then let me be stuck in a room sick for the Encounter!! BUT, what I DO know is that HE didn’t cause the sickness… the devil is scared of something. He just keeps attacking. SO, I gotta press thru. The vision of doing an Encounter is what set my spirit blazing to come here.

Now, sweet, faithful Father in Heaven…come alongside me and USE this alone time to speak to me through your LIFE giving, BODY HEALING word.

Wow… God, your fast…. (here’s what He gave me folks…. Like within a minute of praying)

Out of the book of Acts.

Pauls missionary adventures shows us the progress of Christianity. The gospel could not be confined to ONE corner of the world. THIS was a faith that offered HOPE to ALL humanity. We, too, should venture forth and share this heroic task to witness for CHRIST in ALL the world!!!

Acts 13:1-12 look it up. Heres some of the commentary and what I got from these verses:::

What variety there is in the churches. The common thread among these 5 men was their deep faith in Christ. We must never exclude anyone whom Christ has called to follow Him. Like the early church, if believers today do their part to reach out to ALL who are LOST, church congregations will eventually be comprised of people from different racial AND cultural backgrounds. We are most comfortable with those who are just like us. Clearly, at the root of these tendencies is the ugly sin of prejudice. The more we understand the gospel and embrace God’s version of the body of Christ, however, the more the more we will begin to transcend those differences!!! MORE than merely getting along, we will be able to honestly and authentically say from our hearts that we LOVE each other.

Father, Grow us. Help us to accept us, and point them to you. In Jesus name. Amen.

June 28, 2011 What if??

June 28, 2011

Everyone is back today. Theresa says she is 100%! Meredith is struggling a little. I got to talk to Phillip for a few minutes this morning. Today is our day of rest. We are headed to shop!

Morning Devotion w Bobby

Acts 5:13

“Noone else dared join them, even though they were highly regarded people. Nevertheless, more and moremen and women believed in the Lord and were added to their number. As a result ppl brought the sick into the streets and laid them on beds and matsso that at least Peters shadow might fall ono some of them as he passed by. Crowds gathered also from the towns around Jerusalem, bringing their sick and those tormented by evil spirits, and all of them were healed.

Are you a believer?

Are you a believer AND a shaker for the kingdom of God?


We went to the markets today today… the marketplace was a bust. We were looking for authentically made in Africa type things…and what we saw was an awray of backpacks and purses (ALL things we could have bought at Wal Mart) and items that were made in the USA or china!! It was kinda like a giant flea market…except no custom type items…think yard sale items…. Just when I was about to get discouraged Shalom took us to this little restaurant right down the road that also had a gift shop…all the items were made by widows and children from local orphanges. Jackpot. SO many beautiful pieces. We are scored!

Theresa, Don, Meredith, Nathan, Rod, Diana & I all went to an american cuisine restaurant for lunch. Yep, I was odd man out--Phillip Brooks, you will always come with me from now on--I miss yoU!!!!! It was fun though. Something I ate is not settling well… my tummy is in an uproar!

THEN, we visited Pastor James’ home and then Shaloms. We saw lots of children. The wa o flife here is just so completely opposite of anything I have experienced in Mashall County, ALABAMA!!! And again, so much need. Got some amazing shots…cant wait to get home so I can share my pictures!!

We came back to the hotel and some of the others went to visit the technical school.

One thing I struggle with is the needs vs. the culture here. For example, we have seen so many children playing or sitting in the dirt with no clothes on. When we went to the market there was a great abundance of clothes. If, in America, well…lets just take it a little closer to home. When the tornadoes came through, we came together as a community to help meet one anothers needs. Now, I understand the need here is far greater than I can phathom…even, AFTER having seen it. But, there were literally people working in the marketplace and children, who looked like they belonged to the person running the little stands/shops with no clothes on. So, I reason, this is just not something they see as a necessity?? For the first week, after seeing barely clothed or naked children, I was kicking myself at not bringing more of my kids clothes with us to give. I guess now, Im just not sure how to feel. When I talk to mom’s here, the greatest need, their prayer requests are always the same.. And they have nothing to do with clothing or any material needs… They are 1. Physical healing 2. Finances for school fees and 3. For their child to increase in knowledge, to have a teachable spirit. Uhhhh, a little backwards to our culture… I am ashamed to say. But, maybe.. A little dead on??? Perhaps, a little more where our hearts and heads should be?? Don’t get me wrong… I’m not saying you’ll see Max & Kylee playing outside in the buff anytime soon…BUT, PARENTS:::: what if…we took just ONE of the days before schools starts back this year, and instead of spending the entire day going from store to store shopping for back to school clothes… what if… we spent that time covering.. I mean bathing our children in prayer FOR their health, provision, protection, for SOUND minds---the MIND OF CHRIST!! Just a thought.

Thru all the frustration and struggles of this trip…the high points, for me… have been like soaring thru the clouds. Revelation. Truth. Light. Conviction. Forgiveness. Grace. Love. Compassion. PASSION. And I have mentioned how much I absolutely adore my husband & children? From running water to the very ones we hold closest to our hearts… I, for one… take way too much for granted. And I am thankful for this time to re-evaluate my life, my priorities…my loves. Be Blessed friends. Yesu mari!!!!!! Jesus LOVE YOU! in African.

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

June 27, 2011

Fun things Ugandans say:

"are you serious?"
"yes, please"
praise the living God"
"sure"-- sounds like... "shuuuure"
you'd really just have to hear them say it. LOVE their accents. beautiful!!

Morning Devotion with Ramona.

Empowering emotions of Joy
Your attitude determines how effective you are.

We are back at the hotel. We had a good day. Morning was rough. Nathan preached today. He did great.  After that we headed to Aduku ?.. a viallage... that we were told was 30 mins away...but took almost 2 hours to get there. It was the roughest ride ever. Kellie and Mere had to move to the front of the bus... i got sick, but stayed still and Pastor Keith looked like he was gonna pass out when we got off the bus--he was NOT the right color!! Even for a white man. ;)

The village welcomed us warmly. Music intros and prayers. Rodney gave a little message, the music was beautiful. The instruments were amazing. handmade. They had cooked a big meal, but most were recovering or still sick. So the men folk ate and that was it. I met a deaf girl...she was so sweet. Theresa, Don, Ramona and Bobby were at the hotel sick. We were able to look inside a church... it was really cool...looked like a hut on the outside. We also got to see where they cook the meals. And again, so  much need.  I took a few pics of the children...its the funniest thing...they are stone faced when you are snappin the picture and then laughing hysterically when you show it to them!! they love it. As we left the village, there was an elderly lady sitting on the ground begging for food. :( Kellie asked Shalom to take her some crackers.

Its almost time for the net Encounter, the pastor at the village today had attended the first Encounter and told the village it was "life changing"... so glad he "got it"!!!!

The ride back was a little better ..they went a different way. we made it back in an hour and a half. I sat with Humphry on the way hom and in front of Kellie and Mere, made the ride go by faster. Humphry is a local school i asked him 100 questions. Hearing about education in Uganda was interesting and passed the time. When we got back to the hotel, all our sick patients were up and moving around. Praise the Lord!!

The internet is not working again. :/ Well, it was when we got in,  but its down again. I tried to call Phillip. no answer and now its down.

I went to sleep last night while we were skyping. He was grilling burgers .. i could hear the kids laughing and playing basketball. I just couldnt hang up. I didnt feel alone. it was great. I cannot wait to touch them!!! BUT... I haven't cried at all today!!! so, thats progress!!
I am sitting in my room writing and hoping the internet will come back up. Phillip has a picture of him and his dad as his screen saver. And again... it all comes rushing back...and i even said out loud to myself..."is he really gone???!!" It just doesn't feel possible or real that he will not be here for anymore bday parties---Max turns 4 Sunday.... or 4th of july's, christmas's, ball games, Easter egg hunts, vacations, he wont see them graduate, or marry, or have babies. He wont see Phillip fullfill the call God has on His life, or hold his first grandchild. He wont see Kim and Andrew have their first child. 
"When pain surround us, the pain reminds this heart..that this is not our home." HEALING DOES come thru tears. I hope.

Peter, is a young man we met here from Bridge of Hope church. He is sweet, and funny. He sings in the choir, and loves to dance and paint. lol..he dances bigger when he knows ppl are watching...he's a ham!!He shared tonight that he was in school for a medical labratorist--what they call it here... He doesn't have the money for this semeaster, so he had to drop out. He is trusting God to proved the 300.00 he needs for the next one. I am believing with him.

I also had a sweet friend ask...with such a humble heart for a english version Bible. She loved the one we gave her. Wish I could do more for them.

June 26, 2011

Today was the best day!!! I started out feeling sick, so I missed Nathans devotion. :/.... my fan wouldn't work.Theresa is sicker. Its Sunday and I couldn't go to church. I slept for a little while, the it got so hot in here. THEN I left Phillip a message on skype..cause we got internet BACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and just a few minutes later.... he skyped me!!!  We talked for almost 2 hours!!!!! It was SO much better than any medicine!!! Well, i cried and cried.. he was so sweet...he said it felt like we were dating again. he kept telling me he missed me. I told him every story I could think of!! Oh man, it was so good! Everyonecame back from church and then went to eat. Meredith came back sick, so I stayed with her. We talked for a long time. Then it was time to go back to the church to minister to the children. Diana delivered the message and then we took all the kids outside and played soccer with them, and then gave out lollipops and treats. I had the 3-4 yr olds. Must have been 50 or more just in my group.I have never seen kids be so good for so long...especially in those numbers. There were around 600-700 i heard them say!!! I wasn't feeling well, but this was one of the days I was looking most forward to. It was fun! They begged for more. Followed us to the  bus and begged to have their pictures taken.

Got b ack to the hotel and skyped with Lauren...she was at church and before we knew it she had most of our families on so we could say hi. It was so much FUN! Then kellie, mere and I talked to Jackie for a while...oh my... i laughed and laughed... its so good for your soul. fun times.

June 25, 2011 continued---it was a BIG day!! FIRST Encounter in Uganda!!

**reminder, this is me back trackin the days we have been here out of my journal. Due to storms and no internet. This is from the 25th...not today. :)

Finished the cross session & it was powerful! All my ladies seemed to have break thru. 2 described it as a feeling of "relief". It was so great to see Lilly smile...really smile, and feel the peace flowing from Florence.

For lunch... ya ready for this?? I ate....goat!!! It was tasty... i took one bite, looked outside and saw all the little gots romaing around and couldn't eat anymore. :/ oh well, i can say i tried it!!

I called Phillip from Shalom's phone, we talked for literally, a few seconds... but it was SO amazing to hear his voice!!! Happieness from the inside OUT!! I took the phone to Agnes and Humphrey and let him say hi...then I lost him...BUT, thats totally refreshed me.

Then we headed back to the motel for a short rest...25 mins. Kellie, Don, Janice, Diana & I walked back from church. It was fun. We got to talk with some children at the school. I recorded them saying Hi to my kids, and Phillip and Sam , Jess and Levi and momma J. It was so sweet and I cant wait for them to hear it!

Right now, PK is preaching on Deliverence. I am praying for, huggin on, lovin on people in AFRICA...and Encounter is taking place right now in AFRICA!!! This is AMAZING!!!
Longest day EVER! Happy, exciting, overjoyed and then frustraing, sad, hurt, a little mad, and totally exhausted. 

The cross was amazing, amazing, amazing. Holy Spirit stuff not so much. I couldn't tell if it ws me, or them, or what. I just didn't feel peace. If it isn't from God, I don't want to be a part of it. On the way back, I heard a cpl of other ppl expressing similar concerns. I just didn't even want to talk about it though. I wanted to process what had happened. Got back to the hotel, we still didnt get our bags. They were expected by 4pm. It was my breaking point. I closed the door and pitched me a good ole 2 yr old tantrum. If I have to go back to Logan without the special item he sent with me I will be so broken... i dont even care about my camera stuff anymore. I didn't want to put mosquito spray on, or mess with the bug net, or wash my feet, wear dirty pj's. :/ I want to go home. I want to go home. I want to go home.

I cried out.... and then there was a knock on the door... Pastor Keith and Pastor James with my suitcase..and EVERYTHING was there!! Praise GOD!! As I hugged up Logans special gift to me... I could feel his cheeks. I mean.. like he was right there!! Conviction and correction fell on me... I should hug them more... i mean, i do... i always kids KNOW i love them. But, lately.... Logan has been wanting to hug me I'll be cooking and he comes in the kitchen and wraps his arms around me. I give him a quick hug.. and, it hurts me to admit it now....but, a quick hug and push him on. Same thing with Phillip.And,, oh... Phillip and his arms. So strong and warm. I hate not having him here at lonely. God is my strength...thank you for bringing my suitcase safely to me...and thank you for wrapping me in your arms tonight. in jesus name.